Urban Truth was created in 2010 as a brand of Pride Group.

Pride Group was started in 1958 in Bangladesh,and is one of the oldest conglomerates of Bangladesh. Urban Truth is growing fast as a urban, street style brand with 8 stores in 7 years.

Urban Truth designs and manufactures all knit products and currently employs over 200 people.

Urban Truth presents itself as a reference point for fashion, targeting this increasingly demanding public and, in just 2 years, hasconsolidated its brand image as a young, trendy, fast fashion label;Today, 7 years on, the chain expanded by 4 stores in a year. The company's business encompasses the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of fashion in the shops.

Urban Truth's public is characterized by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies.

The shops have separate spaces intended for the various different product lines that Urban Truth offers. In each section, Urban Truth Guys and Girls, Basics, Trends, Studio, the products are placed according to their style, creating a wide spectrum ranging from casual wear to basic garments to more fashionable items.